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I just wanted to say that listening to you do your thing yesterday has made me really comfortable to continue on getting other areas started now. I realize that I was looking for a particular end result. But what I did find was that your skill set and work ethic is way above what I was expecting. I am impressed!!! Even though we do not have a final answer on the health insurance, I am really comfortable pursing the other parts of the retirement ducks and getting them in line. I am going to start the process at work next week. I was waiting on the health insurance to get situated first… but you pretty much knocked my socks off. Well Done


In early 2020 we realized we needed to reach a decision regarding our Medicare coverage as we were both eligible by June. We consulted WASHIP and the Medicare booklet provided by the Social Security Administration. We even talked to a consultant at WASHIP hoping to understand the overwhelming choices. After all the reading and consultation, we were still confused as what our best choice should be and how we would even obtain coverage. Then, we read that Green River Community College was offering a virtual class on Medicare coverage. We signed up for the virtual class hoping to gain a better understanding of our options. Joyce Joneschiet was the instructor. She patiently walked the class through the various types of health care coverage – from basic Medicare Part A & B to Medigap to Medicare Advantage. Shortly after the class we contacted Joyce directly. Within a few weeks she had arranged a one-on-one meeting with us to refine our best options. She had gathered information about our medical needs – physicians, drugs, etc – before the meeting to better tailor her recommendations. She again walked us through the coverage options. But this time, it was based solely on our individual needs. With each option she verified that each of our doctors and hospitals would accept the coverage. She also analyzed the cost of each medication. (The difference in price from one plan to another was surprising). After clearly explaining these options and answering all our questions in words we could understand, she helped us choose the best health care coverage for our needs. Her services are, of course, free of charge. With the confusing volumes of data we do not know how we could have successfully navigated our way to our great coverage without someone like Joyce to show us the way. We highly recommend Joyce! We could not be happier. Very truly yours,

Kathleen and Mark

Today I am your biggest fan! I have given your name and number to 5 friends and of course I will keep going!!! Thanks for everything! ox

S. V.

Thank you for continuously staying on top of the vast amount of information on all things Medicare. I know I can trust you to provide accurate, current information on a multitude of related issues. Thanks for your unparalleled support!

C. M.

Joyce is a friend for about 10 years now. Because of Joyce, I know people (and things) that I would not have known otherwise. Joyce is an overachiever.

M. H.

Thanks for being so kind and helpful. I’m so relieved!