Resources to Help You Navigate the Moving Process

There are many reasons why seniors choose to move during retirement. Some older adults want to move closer to their children and grandchildren, some are seeking a lower-maintenance home, and others want to be closer to urban centers. No matter the reason for moving, relocating comes with important considerations seniors must navigate. Use these from Encore Life Health to help simplify the entire moving process.

Do Your Homework Before Financing a New Home

Seniors may expect to use the money from the sale of their existing house to purchase a new one. However, the reality is that paying cash for a house isn’t always a possibility or the right choice. It’s important to set a budget and know all of your financing options before purchasing your next home. These resources can help you make a plan.

How to Buy a Home in Retirement

Refamiliarize Yourself with Mortgage Basics

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Survey the Local Market to Get an Idea of Prices

Add Moving Expenses to Your Budget

For seniors, hiring professional movers is a great way to save time and stress. Seniors could become injured moving their own belongings, and dealing with packing and transportation can quickly turn overwhelming.

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Moving Company

How Much Does it Cost to Move?

What to Know About Moving Quotes

Reduce Moving Costs

There are also a few tricks to keep your moving costs as low as possible, even if you’re opting for a full move. For example, knowing the right time of year to move can help you save on the cost of working with professionals, and hosting a garage sale to offload unwanted items can earn you some extra money to put toward relocating.

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Make a Plan for Moving Day

To keep your stress levels low, make sure you’re prepared for the big day. Have a plan for your pets, and pack a bag of essentials for the first night or two in your new home, especially if your movers won’t arrive with your belongings right away.

The “Night Before” Moving Checklist

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Practical Tips to Relieve Stress on a Moving Day

Your Moving Day Essentials Box

Moving can be a headache no matter how old you are. If you’re a senior, the above resources can help you get a jumpstart on the process and make your move a little easier to manage.