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Joyce was recommended by my sister in law whom Joyce had helped organize the best coverage she could and needed. My sister in law gave me Joyce's phone number and told us about her experience with Joyce. So my husband called her regarding setting me up with Medicare as I'm turning 65 and being from Canada I don't really understand the medical system here.
We met with Joyce via computer and then in person. She was patient and very helpful and set me up with great health care and getting my medical needs met. She took the time to explain the differences within the care packages and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend Joyce to assist anyone in getting great health care. She makes it look easy.
Amandah Mitchell

This is my second year working through Medicare and health insurance coverage with Joyce. Joyce takes the time to reach out and understand what you need. For me this started by attending an informational extension class offered through Green River Community College. This class was informative and helpful, it set the compass for future discussions. I followed up by calling Joyce and talking about Medicare and health insurance. We followed up with a more formal discussion that included answering questions regarding my health and current needs. Joyce researched available options, forwarded them to me, and then spent time discussing each option and how it would or would not meet my needs.
This is a complex issue and no one answer is the right answer for everyone. Joyce took time to understand that I am risk adverse and needed certainty in my health care options, for me I am comfortable with a more expensive option if it limits my risk. It was also important to me to have coverage that was portable. My wife and I like to travel and Joyce helped me find a plan that provides coverage even when I'm not at home.
Working with Joyce was a pleasure. I'd like to say that Medicare and supplemental health insurance is simple, but it is not. It is essential to have an expert like Joyce explore the myriad of options and help you find a plan that best meets your needs. Things will change over time and I'm happy to have Joyce available to help me adjust to future needs.
Joyce Joneschiet is one of the top medical insurance professional agents that I would recommend to any person seeking help with medical insurance services. I'm a 65 years old retired citizen that needs to transition from private insurance to government subsidized Medicare insurance.
Luckily, I was able to find the optimal Medicare insurance solution through a sea of complex information with Joyce's help.
Joyce is a very well-rounded professional that always try to understand first the customer's needs from doctors to drugs and clinics. She is knowledgeable and well trained for a variety of services offered and attentive to details. She also cares about her clients' financial needs and offers channels for financial aids and affordable premiums.
Most of all, she is always pleasant and caring and on top of her client account activities. Joyce Joneschiet is a great choice of a medical insurance agent that fulfills your needs and also good friend indeed.
Roy T.

It is with great joy to express my words of appreciation for Joyce Joneschiet. Ms. Joneschiet has made my experience of transitioning from an employer based health insurance to the Medicare/Retirement based health insurance world. Ms. Joneschiet has a rare quality of a caring professionalism with an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience navigating the Medicare/Medical systems. Ms. Joneschiet keeps herself up to date on the latest health insurance information. If Ms. Joneschiet does not know an answer to a question, she will seek out the answer and then respond in a timely manner. Ms. Joneschiet is an excellent listener and if needed, she will ask for clarification to gain an understanding of what is being asked. Ms. Joneschiet displays a notable amount of patience as you are attempting to gain an understanding of the health care system. Ms. Joneschiet will walk you through the maze of material and information step by step. Then she present reasonable options that best suits your health care needs. Ms. Joneschiet will never force you into something that you do not want or like. As much as possible, Ms. Joneschiet will work with your schedule, making it convenient to keep the lines of communication with her. Finally, Ms. Joneschiet is most certainly reliable & efficient in all she does! Ms. Joneschiet is five stars on a five star rating scale.
Dan B.

Today I am your biggest fan! I have given your name and number to 5 friends and of course I will keep going!!! Thanks for everything! ox
S. Veach

Thank you for continuously staying on top of the vast amount of information on all things Medicare. I know I can trust you to provide accurate, current information on a multitude of related issues. Thanks for your unparalleled support!
C. Martinez

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