Are you hoping to make some healthier lifestyle changes? You might have held off on picking up some new habits because you’re worried that these changes will be costly. But prioritizing your health can actually help you save money! In many ways, frugal choices and healthy choices are often one and the same. If you’re interested in saving on health insurance costs, Encore Life Health can help. And if you want to cut down on costs and improve your health at the same time, try some of these tips!

Why Staying Healthy Helps You Save

Learning about how health and frugality can go hand in hand might make you feel more motivated to implement these beneficial lifestyle changes. For example, if you’re not commuting to work by car, you can save on gas. By exercising outside with a workout buddy rather than buying a gym membership, you can socialize and avoid adding another monthly expense. Cooking healthy meals at home is cheaper than eating out at restaurants, and in the long run, living a healthier lifestyle means lower insurance premiums.

Walk or Bike to Work

Do you live within a few miles of your workplace? Depending on the route you take to get to work, and the urban infrastructure in your area, you could consider walking or biking to work instead of driving. You’ll be able to get some exercise twice per day, and you won’t be spending any money on gas! If you’re nervous about biking to work, you could practice cycling on potential routes over the weekend so that you can get a feel for the journey.

Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Did you know that reducing the amount of meat you eat can help you save money and improve your overall physical fitness? By cooking plant-based meals, you can make a positive choice for your wallet and your health - in fact, Everyday Health states that canned vegetables in particular are a nutritious, budget-friendly choice. You don’t have to cut out meat entirely, but cooking vegetarian meals a few times per week could be a good idea.

Furthermore, if you want to start incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet, you can start gardening to save even more money. By growing some of your own produce, you’ll be able to save at the grocery store.

Exercise Outdoors With Friends

What if you can’t afford a gym membership right now? If you don’t have lots of space at home to work out, you could ask a friend to go jogging with you, do yoga in the park, or try another form of outdoor exercise! Not sure who to ask to be your workout buddy? Fitness Blender recommends asking one of your coworkers - since they likely have a similar schedule to yours, you’ll easily be able to find a time to exercise.

Start a Business

If you make these healthy changes permanent, you might even be able to monetize your lifestyle in some way! For instance, you could start a blog with an affiliate marketing system and share tips on your affordable wellness habits. If you want to try something more ambitious, you could open your very own yoga studio, sporting goods store, or another retail business, depending on where your interests lie. To advertise your business, you could hand out business cards that will leave a memorable impression! By using a business card maker, you can include the details you want in a premade template, like the text, images, and even color scheme you’d like.

It’s a misconception that healthy choices are expensive choices. In fact, making smart decisions for your health can actually help you cut down on unnecessary spending. By following these tips, you can spend less while going the extra mile for your health!

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